“New Age Spirituality” – You’ve surely heard this term before. Do you understand what “New Age Spirituality” means? 🤔


      Let’s start with Astrology. A year is broken down into the 12 zodiacal signs: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. Zoom that perspective out a little further, and there is a larger cycle called the “Great Year”, which is 25,920 years long. Every 2,160 years, due to complex celestial mechanics, the first day of Spring (Spring Equinox) moves backwards around the zodiac by one astrological sign. This 2,160 is what we call an “Age”, such as, “The Age of Aquarius”, “The Age of Pisces”, and so on. When the first day of Spring is aligned with the meeting point between two signs, this is called a “cusp”. The cusp period between Ages lasts a couple hundred years.


      The Piscean Age began around 0AD. Each Age has it’s own energetic influence, theme, or mood, so to speak. Each Age brings it’s own structures, beliefs, paradigms, and stimulates certain chakras within the human energy field. Pisces is associated with the Sacral and Heart chakras. We are able to observe this influence of the last 2,000 years during The Age of Pisces. Our society and psyche are still heavily influenced by the energies of the Piscean Age. The Piscean Age helped move our world out of the war & empire Arian Age, into a world focused more on compassion, sacrifice, service as we see displayed in the Christian era. Pisces is also known for self-victimization, self-denial.


      For the last 300 years or so, we were in the cusp period between the Piscean Age and the Aquarian Age (around 1700). We could see the Aquarian energetic influence really emerging through the 1960’s. Although, even now, in 2022, we still see the effects the Piscean Age in our structure of civilization and society, we are also noticing a steady increase of the Aquarian influence, bringing new belief systems, paradigms, ways of thinking, and behaviors.


We have entered The Age of Aquarius. This is the NEW AGE. So what does Aquarius bring?


      Aquarius is associated with the Throat, Third Eye, and Crown Chakras. Aquarian energy is/will bring an Awakening in humanity, intuition, a new perspective on community, humanitarian advances, technological and scientific advances, freedom of speech and religion/spiritual practice, and a new level of intellectual activity. You may also consider this the “Information Age”. We want to learn, we want to know, we want to find answers, we want information. We want the freedom to make our own theories and decisions. The average person (in First World communities) is able to read, write, perform mathematics, use the internet, has access to a cell phone and other modern technologies.


The Third Eye Chakra had two petals. The top petal is connected to Intuition, and the lower petal is connected to Intellectual Thought. Intuition is another form of knowing, connected to a spiritual knowledge.

      During the cusp period between the Piscean Age and Aquariuan age, the first Indigo souls slowly began to carnate on Earth. These people carry an Indigo aura, and subtle intuitive gifts, although they were not entirely aware of these gifts or knew how to use them. Some learned to identify these gifts later in life. This became OBVIOUS with the New Spirit that rose in the 1960’s. During the 1990’s, more Indigo Souls carnated on Earth with a higher awareness of their gifts early on in life. Children born during the Age of Aquarius are being born with their gifts fully activated. This is where the term “Indigo Children” is formed.. We are able to observe these differences in psychology, behavior, feelings, and ways of thinking. These Indigo Souls bring new ideas and energies that are very different than what we saw throughout the Piscean Age.

We use the term “New Age Spirituality” because we have entered a NEW AGE, bringing higher spiritual connection, Awakening, new ideas, new paradigms, new ways of thinking.

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