✨What is Moon Water? | How To Make Moon Water | Crystal Infused Moon Water | Moon Water Uses

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✨What is Moon Water?✨
Moon water is a powerful tool that has been historically used by witches since at least the 1800’s.
It is water that has been charged with the energy of the moon. The best times to collect moon water is during the Full Moon or Super Moons for the most potent Lunar energy. The sign that the moon is in during particular moon cycles also provides an energetic influence on the moon water. Lunar energy is excellent for cleansing and removing stagnant or dense energies, while re-energizing. The moon is connected to the Divine Feminine, our emotions, consciousness, intuition, enlightenment, and the dark side. Moon water may be used in spells, rituals, bath water, drinking water, body care products, or even to water your plants.
✨How To Make Moon Water✨
Moon water is a powerful tool that has been charged with the energy of the moon.
1. Choose Your Vessel
You can use a glass or plastic vessel to make your moon water. Many people use mason jars. If you intend to drink your moon water, you can set out jugs of water or a whole case of water bottles. I suggest choosing a vessel with a lid.
Get creative!
2. Choose Your Water
If you plan on drinking your moon water, watering your plants, using it in body care products, or taking a bath with your moon water, I suggest using filtered or distilled water. Use at your discretion.
3. Choose Your Crystals
This step is entirely optional. Select your crystals while being mindful of your intentions of the moon water and how you will be using it. Depending on which infusion method you are using, place your crystals either inside of your vessel or next to/on top of your vessel lid.
4. Place Your Vessel Under Moonlight
Locate a safe spot to place your vessel. Find a spot that has a clear view of the moon for direct moonlight.
5. Collect Your Moon Water
It is advised to collect your moon water before sun rise, because the Sun will energize your water with Solar Energy.
6. Store Your Moon Water
Store your moon water in safe place. I suggest storing it in the top of your closet. Avoid spots with sun exposure.
✨Crystal Infused Moon Water✨
You can infuse your moon water with the vibrational energy of crystals.
Please research the crystals that you would like to use for infusion. Check where they measure on the Moh’s Hardness Scale & their toxicity. Water may damage some crystals or may be toxic. It is safest to use the indirect method with most crystals.
Crystals that are 6 or above on the Moh’s Hardness Scale will not be damaged by water. Generally speaking, crystals in the quartz or citrine family are non-toxic and safe to directly infuse in water. Most crystals that end in “ite” are not safe for direct infusion. Pick your crystals depending on what you intend the use the moon water for, and be mindful of conflicting energies. Some crystals do not vibe together!
Here are some crystal *suggestions* for infusion.
-Direct Infusion: These crystals make direct contact with the water.
•Amethyst •Rose Quartz •Clear Quartz •Smoky Quartz •Citrine •Shungite
-Indirect Infusion: These crystals do not make direct contact with the water.
•Selenite •Fluorite •Moon Stone •Celestite •Lapis Lazuli •Adventurine •Tourmaline
✨Moon Water Uses✨
Here is a list of idea suggestions on how to use your moon water.
                                                                 •You can drink your moon water
                                                                 •You can bathe in your moon water
                                                                 •You can water your plants with moon water
                                                                 •You can use your moon water household or body care products
                                                                 •You can use your moon water in spell work or rituals
                                                                 •You can scry with your moon water
                                                                 •You can wash your hands with your moon water
                                                                 •You can mix your moon water into your paint

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