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Someone recently asked me, “What does enlightenment mean to you?

     If someone claims that they are truly enlightened, I believe they are the furthest from that.
None of us are truly enlightened. Even the mountain cave monks and gurus are not truly enlightened. They spend their entire lives trying to achieve enlightenment. The path to Enlightenment is a journey. We will not reach that until we leave our bodies and complete our soul’s missions. I believe it takes multiple lifetimes to gain all of the different perspectives and experiences to become enlightened. We live through those experiences to gain knowledge to return back to the collective. We need to experience being the aristocrat and the homeless man. We need to experience being the victim and the abuser. We need to experience malnourished starvation and gluttony. All of it. We do experience moments of enlightenment, on a smaller scale. To gain knowledge and clarity is enlightenment, on a smaller scale. We are extensions of the Universe experiencing itself. To realize this, is a moment of enlightenment… again, on a smaller scale.

The more we learn, the more we learn, that we have so much more to learn.

     I am not talking about enlightenment in a sense of coming from the ego. When people walk around saying they are spiritually enlightened, this is another delusion. Being enlightened is not a badge to wear, it is not arrogance, perfection or superiority. Enlightenment is not like crossing the finish line, it’s not an accomplishment, or attainment. It is a state of being, a realization, a state of consciousness. The path to enlightenment or to an enlightened state of consciousness is going beyond your sense of self, and expanding into the awareness of Oneness, Unity, of all things. Recognizing that as the true nature of the divine. Enlightenment is about perspective. It is a state of awakened understanding, recognizing the illusions and stories without trying to escape them, but rather, it’s like taking the blinder’s off and witnessing the truth, and understanding it from a place of compassion.

     If you do not lose your compassion, in any given situation, this is a state of enlightenment. With this business name, for example, Manifest Enlightenment, I am not claiming that I am some supreme master or ultimate spiritually enlightened being. It does not work that way.

Manifest Enlightenment is simply an affirmation for the journey, the spiritual path.

Enlightenment is beyond the physical dimension, the “you”, your body, the planet Earth, here in this physical plane. Your body is more so an extension of the soul, of the Universe, of the Divine.

     “Picture a cup, a gallon, and a water tank. The water tank is the soul. An aspect of the soul becomes a gallon. That gallon is still soul, but not the fullness of the soul. It is that part of the soul that is on a mission, so to speak. The personality is the cup. The cup contacts the gallon, the higher self soul, but not the full-bodied water tank.” Quoted from the book, The Seat of The Soul, Gary Zukav.


     To believe you are separate, and that this body, this personality, this identity – is all that there is, is an illusion from the ego. Remember, enlightenment or a state of enlightened consciousness is expanding into the awareness of Oneness and unity of all things.

This is where the saying, “I am you. You are Me. We are One” comes from.


I hope this answers the question. Thank you for listening. Namaste.