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In these images, we have included the start and end times of each Void-of-Course phases and which sign the moon will be in at the time. The sign that the Void-Of-Course Moon is in has an energetic influence over what the VOC Moon will affect.


During a Void-Of-Course Moon, it is suggested to avoid practicing outward magicks or making any major decisions. The energy may be corrupted for magick. It is advised to stick to routine or what you already have started versus beginning a new project.

When the Void-Of-Course Moon is in a particular sign, that sign has an energetic influence over what the VOC Moon affects.

ARIES: Avoid starting new projects, new contracts, starting, businesses, or relationships. Your intuition may not be on point during this time.

TAURUS: Avoid starting magick dealing with money or getting involved in contracts or big transactions with money. This isn’t the time to change things about your home either, cleaning is okay.

GEMINI: Avoid magicks and decisions that involve other people. This is a time to focus inward. Maybe not the best time to network.

CANCER: Avoid making emotional decisions or emotion-driven magicks. This isn’t the best time to redecorate either. Practice Self-Care.

LEO: Avoid things that tempt your ego. The Leo influence may make you want the spotlight during this time, this attention will not end well.

VIRGO: Avoid decisions and magicks that involve healing others or yourself. Healing energy may get corrupted. This time is better used for organizing.

LIBRA: Avoid magicks and decisions that involve legal matters or negotiations. When the VOC Moon is over, Libra energy is fantastic for this, use THAT time!

SCORPIO: Avoid money magicks and decisions including crunching numbers, bookkeeping, accounting, balancing checkbooks, or taxes.

SAGITTARIUS: Avoid planning for travels, booking travels, or going on a trip!

CAPRICORN: Avoid starting a new job, hiring new employees, firing employees, changing teams, or even business/work-related meetings during this time.

AQUARIUS: Avoid all magicks or spiritual decisions during this time. Aquarius Moons are usually fantastic for this, wait until VOC Moon is over! Your intuition won’t be on point during this time.

PISCES: Avoid counseling others or offering advice during this time. I’d even take other people’s advice with a grain of salt. Your intuition will be off during this time.

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