Learn The Magick of Bay Leaf 🌿
•History •Magickal Properties •Witch Tips •Medicinal Properties

🌿 History:
✨ The bay leaf, also known as Laurel Bay, has a powerful background with Ancient Greece.
Bay leaves were held as a sacred plant to the Greeks. The Naiad Water Nymph Daphne, daughter of the River God Peneus, had the lustful eye of Apollo. However, she wanted to remain untouched and unmarried by man for the rest of her life. Just before Apollo tried to kiss Daphne, she begged her father Peneus for his help, so he turned her into the first laurel tree to be free of Apollo’s infatuation. From then on, Apollo adopted the laurel tree as his (and the Greek God’s) sacred plant. At the Pythian Games, a Laurel Tree wreath would be given to the winners as a prize.

✨ Delphi was a sacred religious sanctuary to Apollo, on Mount Parnassus near the Golf of Corinth. Delphi was also home to the Pythian Games. The oracles of Delphi were said to have sprouted from a laurel tree. The Oracle of Delphi, also known as Pythia, was a highly respected and powerful High Priestess who practiced divination in the Temple of Apollo on Mount Parnassus. Her visions were channeled prophecies from the Hellenic Gods. The wealthy would pay a hefty price to petition her, even the Gods would ask for her advice. Her history goes back even further than The Oracles of Delphi. She is older and much more powerful than the Olympic Gods.

✨ Pythia’s prophecies occurred well before the Greek Gods were even born. Gaia (Goddess of Earth, Mother Earth) had several children. She gave birth to many children before she even had the Greek Gods. She is the mother of Uranus, Pontus, The Ourea, The Hecantonchires, The Cyclopes, The Titans, The Gigantes, Nereus, Thaumus, Phorcys, Ceto, Eurybia, Aergia, Typhon, Python, and Antaeus. Python was a serpent, an Earth-Dragon, who lived at the center of the Earth. Python inherited all of Gaia’s wisdom, and knowledge as the protector and guardian of the sacred city of Krisa. Python inspired Pythia’s magick and sent the prophetic visions to Pythia.

🌿 Magickal Properties:
✨ The bay leaf is a symbol for divine wisdom, honor, prosperity, victory, courage, strength, and love. It is ruled by fire and The Sun.
✨ The Bay Leaf has a powerful energy which is excellent for divination work and manifestations. Stick a bay leaf under your pillow to encourage prophetic dreams. It attracts spiritual and physical fulfillment, intuition, good health, fertility, success, luck, abundance, prosperity, and amplifies energies.It may be used for protection, such as placing bay leaves by your front door to protect your home from harmful energies. It is also useful for purification and cleansing before rituals. Using bay leafs while performing healings to have the power amplified.

🌿 Correspondences:
☼The Sun     △Fire Element     ♌︎Leo     ♂Masculine Energy
🌿 List of Magickal Properties:

•Banishing•Psychic Protection•Amplifying
•Purification•Dream Work•Clarity
•Binding•Hex Breaking•Wisdom
•Divination•Wish Magick•Prosperity

🌿 Witch Tips:
🌱 Write what you intend to manifest on a bay leaf and then burn it to channel it to the spirit realm or the universe.

🌱 Write a question that you are seeking clarity for on the bay leaf and then burn it. Observe how it burns for your answer.
***If your bay leaf burns brightly and crackles, your outcome with be positive. If your bay leaf does not burn or does not smoke, the outcome will be unfavorable.

🌱Place a bay leaf under your pillow or in a sachet to encourage prophetic & Psychic visions or lucid dreaming.

🌱Carry a bay leaf in a sachet with black tourmaline or smoky quartz to protect yourself from negative energy or dark magick.

🌱Place a bay leaf by the front door of your home for protection and to ward off negative energies from entering your home.

🌿 Medicinal Properties:
•Improving Digestion
•Reducing Stress, Anxiety, or insomnia
•Regulating Blood Sugar Levels
•Improving insulin receptors
•Relieving Respiratory conditions
•Improving Hair Health
•Protecting Heart Health
•Vitamin Rich: vitamin A, vitamin C, folic acid, calcium, potassium, magnesium, mangan, zinc, iron, selenium, and copper
•Reducing Stress & Anxiety
•Regulating Blood Sugar Levels
•Pain relief
•Wound healing
•Insect repellent
•Healing kidney stones or infection

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