Shadow work – 02/22/20 New Moon

During this New Moon, we will receive profound insight and information, answers that we have been seeking for a while. I am very thankful for the incredible clarity I have been awakened to this evening. My mind has been blown wide open, explosive, expansive. Divine clarity. Seeing through the illusion. While I was sitting outside enjoying the energy, my owl familiar spoke up with their hoo’s. Confirmation. Ever-lovingly grateful for all that has, all that is, and all that will. Sending love to the past, present, and future. Truly amazed.

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What is our “shadow”?

When talking about ascension, you’ll hear a lot of “Love and Light”. What about the dark, the shadow? Sigmund Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis, and Carl Jung, a psychoanalyst and psychiatrist, used the term “shadow“to refer to an unconscious aspect of the personality which the conscious ego does not identify in itself. The aspects of ourselves that remain hidden in our subconscious or unconscious mind. This is where negative human impulses and emotions, characteristics, traumas, addictions, anxieties, fears, beliefs, things that we cannot see in ourselves. However, our shadow is always attached to us, and shows up predominately when you cast a light. You shadow self contains fragmented pieces that were repressed, forgotten, pushed out of your awareness, or disowned. The parts of ourselves that we may consider unenlightened or unacceptable get thrown into the shadow-napsack. What is beneath the social mask.

Now is the time to dive deep to the darkest depths of our shadow, and bring light in order to reveal what is hidden there. Heal old wounds. Take the time to genuinely focus on it. Working with your shadow is a challenging yet rewarding process. Sincerely putting in the work can lead to personal awakening, creativity, inspiration, growth, revitalized energy, and greater authenticity. Our shadow is truly our ticket to freedom.

In my opinion, every single one of us, every person, is a little toxic in some type of way. We all have flaws, traumas, baggage. Tonight is the time to give deep within the darkest depths of our shadow. Expose, face, and heal old wounds. Take the time to genuinely focus on it. Shine a spotlight on it. This healing New Moon energy brings opportunity for drastic change with a new beginning. Old energy that may have been stagnant or weighing us down is clearing (if we take the time to actually work through it). The Pisces moon signifies the need to truly let go, release old traumas. It is time to clear out the dead weight in order to truly move forward. This energy is helping tell reality and illusion apart.

So what happens if you repress your shadow? The traits or behaviors of ourselves that we do not like or deny in ourselves, we see in others. So as long as we deny our shadows or blockages, the sense of unity or wholeness will not be met. If those behaviors or traits weren’t in your shadow, they wouldn’t bother you as much. This is what is referred to in psychology as projection, which is something we are not/may not be aware we are doing. Projection distorts the way we perceive reality. The ego uses projection to defend how it perceives itself. Integrating your shadow brings you closer to realizing a sense of unity and wholeness. Searching for spiritual enlightenment while excluding this personal dimension of life is often a mistake folk take while on this journey.

Shadow Integration

Shadow integration means acknowledging, accepting, and coming to terms with your shadow in order to see yourself and your reality with more clarity. When the ego finally takes ownership and unveils any suppressed energies. Working with your shadow involves balance. Embrace your whole self. Opening up an internal dialogue with your shadow, these rejected aspects, will enable you to better understand them, yourself, and the world you perceive around you.

If you are working on manifestations, I suggest keeping them to inward magicks. Transform emotional sufferings into freedom. Work on yourself, not on the outside world. This is truly the time to focus on our shadow. It is not the time to start up new projects. Instead, work on unfinished projects, or give a refined touch to projects that you have already started.

I must sign off now, I stayed up a little extra let to get this message out to whoever is listening. Thank you for your time. I am grateful for this cosmic supportive energy.