Rainbow Fluorite: Ease Anxiety, EMF & Empath Protection, Bring Order to Chaos, Align Heart and Mind

Rainbow Fluorite is such an incredibly powerful crystal that you will benefit from, especially in today’s world.

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This crystal is becoming one of my favorite crystals to keep close in my aura, energetically speaking. Rainbow Fluorite is a radiant, high vibrational crystal. Rainbow Fluorite has many practical uses, physical & metaphysical benefits, and healing properties which will be mentioned in this article. I highly recommend this crystal to anyone studying, learning new skills, starting a new job, managers, business owners, people who are frequently multi-tasking, or even to carry while you are cleaning your home. Rainbow Fluorite is an excellent crystal for Reiki Practitioners, Crystal Healers, Chakra therapies, Psychologists, Spiritual/Life/Business/Relationship Coaches, Sound Healers, Yoga Instructors, Entrepreneurs, Authors, Artists, Musicians, soap & candle makers, and Astrologists just to name a few.

Touching a bit on sacred geometry, Rainbow Fluorite naturally forms perfect squares within the crystal. They also form into natural octahedron shapes. The square structure gives properties of clear thinking, organization, discernment, structure, aligning the heart and mind, grounding, and aids in decision making. This crystal is formed with a smooth, glass-like feel to its exterior. On the Moh’s Hardness Scale, Rainbow Fluorite is rated at a 4, and is water-soluble, so I would not suggest placing this crystal in water as it will dissolve over time. This is not a crystal to be used in elixirs or in your moon water, if that is a practice you perform. However, you can place the crystal next to your water for “indirect” infusion.

Fluor” is Latin for “flow“.

Fluorite comes in a beautiful spectrum of colors from blue, green, purple, pink, yellow, white, clear, and can even come in black. You can even see rainbows in some pieces of Fluorite such as in the large sphere piece pictured in this article. The link to the exact sphere shown throughout this article is hyperlinked here from a shop called “JodysEarthlyDesigns” on Etsy. This is not an affiliate or sponsored link/item. I have permission from Jody to use these images in this post. Thank you so much, Jody!

Rainbow Fluorite is helpful for the entire energetic system as it provides energetic balance, as well as strengthening/cleansing the energetic field and aura. This crystal helps to efficiently open, clear, and balance all Chakras. Rainbow Fluorite itself really stimulates the higher Chakras such as the Third Eye, Crown, and above. It also stimulates the lower Chakras because of the naturally occurring square or octahedron shape of Rainbow Fluorite. It aligns the heart and mind. All of these beautiful colors come from the same crystal, however, if you choose to, you can pair the color of the Rainbow Fluorite piece with the Chakras. Each specific color can help with different ailments or regions of the body. All Rainbow Fluorite boosts the immune system, balances all Chakras, associated with wisdom and knowledge, as well as cleansing and protecting the aura, For example:

  • Clear Fluorite: Mental, emotional, and spiritual clarity. Increase focus, intuition, and intuitive abilities. Alleviates jealousy, greed, shame, and guilt.
  • Purple Fluorite: Crown Chakra, all-purpose protection, Empath’s protection, promotes restful sleep, helps with nightmares, lucid dreaming, removes spiritual and intellectual blockages.
  • Blue Fluorite: Third Eye or Throat Chakra, Brain, Dementia, Alzheimer’s, improves memory, mental focus, clarity, concentration, aids in healing from a concussion, and boosts the immune system.
  • Green Fluorite: Heart Chakra, Immune system, cold symptoms, bacteria, virus, infection, cellular regeneration, and to help speed healing.
  • Yellow Fluorite: Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakra, digestion, Crohn’s Disease, IBS, menstrual cramping, constipation, bloating, stomach pain, eating disorders, healing after digesting a meal, confidence, self-esteem, self-worth, helps dispel and heal jealousy.
  • Pink Fluorite: (Rare) Heart and Root Chakra, grounding, balance, gentle, and encourages self-love. Calms stress and anxiety.

Here is a Rainbow Fluorite Necklace containing tumbled/polished, round, Rainbow Fluorite beads. You can find this exact necklace through a business called “RedzolaDesignshere. This is not an affiliate or sponsored link. The businesses listed in this article are not paying me to advertise. I want you to be able to know what Rainbow Fluorite beads look like in jewelry.

Some mantras that you could use while working with Rainbow Fluorite are,

I am motivated. I am coordinated. I am balanced. I am peace. I am realigned in my center.

If your mind or environment is cluttered, you want to get a better sense of decisiveness in your decision making and life. The energy of Rainbow Fluorite will help you as this crystal brings order to chaos. This crystal really helps you navigate through any confusion you may experience as it encourages concentration, awareness, aids in learning, and the ability to absorb and retain new information that you are taking in, encouraging clarity and focus. Rainbow Fluorite is such an excellent crystal to keep with you as you are studying, as it expands your spiritual and intellectual learning. Rainbow Fluorite actually enhances intuitive abilities and stimulates spiritual awakening.

Keep this crystal close during meditation to deepen your focus.

Rainbow Fluorite is known to remove blockages in your spiritual path and learning.

It gets any stagnant energy in your aura or space moving,

clearing negative patterns and behaviors.

It is known that Rainbow Fluorite can help alleviate pain associated with Arthritis, bone pain, joint pain, teeth pain, nerve pain, rheumatism, spinal injuries, and it can also help with healing the skin such as blemishes and scars. Keep this crystal next to you if you carry tension while you sleep which manifests through grinding your teeth. Rainbow Fluorite may even help your sex drive.

If you struggle with anxiety or depression,

Rainbow Fluorite brings energy that boosts motivation, balance, and coordination.

It has a calming, gentle, peaceful, soothing, and tranquil energy.

Give Rainbow Fluorite to your child if they are going through a traumatic time, if they have depression, anxiety, if they are being bullied, if they have Autism, ADHD, ADD, anxiety, or sensory sensitivities. If they wear a pendant, bracelet, or simply carry the crystal in their pocket for one week, you will start to notice a difference. It will start subtle. Some change is better than no change.

Rainbow Fluorite clears out EMF smog, acting as a filter for EMF protection. Place Rainbow Fluorite around electronic devices such as computers, televisions, and cellphones.

  • Wear Rainbow Fluorite as jewelry. I suggest a necklace or bracelet.
  • Incorporate Rainbow Fluorite in a hairpiece, headpiece, headband, or hat pin.
  • Carry crystals in your pocket or in a sachet bag.
  • You can sew a pocket into a hat and keep the crystal there.
  • Charge water in a spray bottle with indirect infusion by placing the crystal next to the water. You can spray this to cleanse and balance your energy, stimulate the Third Eye and Crown Chakra. You could spray it on your joints.
  • Drink water that has been indirectly infused with Rainbow Fluorite.

I suggest pairing with some rosemary essential oil in your diffuser,

or if you are wearing Rainbow Fluorite in a jewelry piece with lava rock.

For crystal pairings, I suggest hematite, black tourmaline, amethyst, and howlite.

Rainbow Fluorite’s element is Air, so cleanse Fluorite in the wind or with smoke from sage, cedar, sandalwood, Palo Santo, or whichever smoke you prefer to use. It’s associated planet is Uranus. Astrologically, Rainbow Fluorite is associated with Mercury, Capricorn, and Pisces.

This crystal is excellent to use during Mercury Retrograde!

I highly encourage you to carry a piece of Rainbow Fluorite with you while you work, study, or meditate for a week and notice any changes. All I have to do is touch and hold some Rainbow Fluorite, and I immediately feel calm, uplifted, and ready to focus on whatever tasks are in front of me.

Fun Facts:

  • Sometimes glows under a UV light
  • Ancient Egyptian and Chinese people would use Rainbow Fluorite. Ancient Egyptians would carve deities out of Rainbow Fluorite.
  • It is also used in telescopes, microscopes, and cameras.

Perhaps you stumbled upon this article as a sign.

Is Rainbow Fluorite calling out to you?

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