Railroad Spike



An old railroad spike may seem like an unusual or unlikely magickal ritual tool, but they are very important. You don’t want brand new railroad spikes, the old ones are the ones that you need because of their several years of use under powerful trains connecting the country. NEVER REMOVE REMOVE RAILROAD SPIKES FROM A TRACK. Generally, they are used as protection for the home. You may hammer them into the ground near the front and back entrances of your home. Some people use this technique to ward off getting foreclosed or kicked out. You may also hammer them into the ground at the four cardinal points of your home. They also act as anchors. Cold iron has the metaphysical properties of repelling negative energy or foul spirits. It is believed that spirits cannot cross iron, so for centuries old cemeteries were built with iron fences around them to keep the peace.

Shipping built in is +$10 because of the weight. Each spike itself is actually $2.