The Pink Full Moon in Libra occurs on April 16th, 2022. Its name comes from one of the earliest herbs to bloom in Spring, “pink blossom”, “pink moss”, or “wild ground phlox”.

We are clearing out and letting go of any stagnant winter energy and moving into fresh spring energy! This includes decluttering, spring cleaning, and cleansing the mind-body-soul!

Moonology Oracle Cards deck by Yasmin Boland

The energy from this Full Moon in Libra will influence your crown chakra, your connectivity to the Divine, your ability to receive Divine Guidance, and the channel between you and your Higher Self. This connection will be heightened during this time. You may notice this communication delivered to you through synchronistic ways such as messages within a song or a social media post that you come across. They may come across through messages on a billboard while you’re driving, or through noticing number synchronicities on license plates. You’ll know that the messages coming through are Divine Guidance because there is this resonance that you feel upon seeing these messages, something about it just feels different or substantial.  Something about it pings this feeling in your gut, sends chills down your spine, or causes your hairs to stand on end. With the energetic influence of this Full Moon, these messages may even cause an influx of emotion to bubble up out of you which may cause you to spontaneously cry or let out laughter. Sometimes these beautiful nudges from the Universe are perceived as blockages or complications in your life. Trust that everything happens for a reason. One path may feel blocked off because you are being guided and directed to take another course that will align you closer to your purpose. These perceived problems or blockages in your life also clear up space in order for New Beginnings and blessings to come through. It is time to release negative patterns, relationships, connections, or situations that no longer serve your highest good. Look beneath the problem. The energy of this Full Moon in Libra will support these adjustments. The attention will be drawn to wherever there is tension in order to make the necessary changes to bring us back into harmony.

Utilize the energy from this Full Moon in Libra to upgrade your life!

Another theme that you may notice with the Full Moon in Libra energy is an opening of your heart center, causing you to act more out of your heart space. This could potentially play out within your relationships. You might notice that you’re behaving more empathetically, and more sensitive to other people’s needs and perspectives. It will be easier to put yourself in somebody else’s shoes. For us empaths, you’ll notice the sensitivity heightened. Right now, the lines and channels of communication are wide open, allowing you to say the thoughts and feelings that you’ve been holding onto from an easier and more connected place. You’ll be able to connect and communicate from a place that isn’t so triggered or heated, so to speak. Because of this, you may find improvements in the harmony within your relationships and more depth to those connections with the ability to express yourself authentically and clearly. The energy from the Full Moon in Libra will be much more loving and light than other Full Moons in general. This is a type of frequency that we really haven’t felt in a while. 

This Full Moon in Libra may stir up hidden emotions, feelings, or secrets in order to be brought out of the shadow into the Light. You will be able to sense if there is something being left unsaid, something that needs to be worked out within your personal relationships whether that be friendships, familial, work-related, or romantic. You’ll have an awareness that makes you feel like you just can’t NOT say it, it is time to deal with it, to grab it by the horns, and to face it head-on. These interactions will come from a place of empathy, as stated above, so you’ll be able to communicate these difficult emotions from a place that isn’t so charged and triggered. Now is the best time to have those conversations with people, or even with yourself, that you have been putting off and not wanting to face.  Be aware and mindful of the subtle or profound shifts in your perspectives of the people around you. 

You may find yourself revisiting, or coming full circle back to things of the past. However, this time, you’re coming back with recharged energy and passion. There may have been a particular hobby that you used to be interested in and set it down or felt burnt out by. You will feel a new sense of inspiration and motivation, with a new perspective, a new set of eyes to reignite that fire and drive. This time around, you’ll be coming from a place of heightened clarity. You’ll be able to recognize the necessary changes that you need to make to move away from the old ways of doing things into the New. You might find yourself going back to something that you used to do, and experiencing it in an entirely different way than before. 

It is important to be grateful for even the simplest of things in your life. Holding onto the energy of gratitude in all situations creates an abundance within us, our mindset, and our outlook of the world around us. You already have everything that you need. Trust that the Universe always provides. Gratitude is one of the most powerful forces in the Universe. Gratitude and happiness have nothing to do with the external. Hold gratitude for the life you have been gifted and for the connections and love that surround you. Hold onto gratitude even through the stressors and challenges, that is a part of life. Challenges are lessons and they are necessary for our growth and advancement. Whenever you say “thank you” to the Universe for its gifts from your heart, it responds generously to you. The key that opens the doors to universal abundance is gratitude. 

What are your intentions for this Full Moon in Libra?