New Moon in Pisces February 23, 2020

How will this New Moon in Pisces affect you? This New Moon in Pisces is joined with Neptune and the Sun in Pisces while Mercury is currently stationed in retrograde. Let’s take a look at what energy is presented during this time. Some would describe this time period as an emotional awakening.

A cycle ended with the last New Moon in Aquarius, thus a new cycle is beginning with this New Moon in Pisces. New beginnings call for new opportunities or roads to explore opening. This is an excellent time to set your new positive intentions for this next lunar cycle. Write down a list of goals that you can commit yourself to. This new moon also calls for internal work, releasing what no longer serves our highest good, let go of energetic/spiritual/psychic baggage. Review and reflect on your relationships, work, and internal workings. We can no longer disconnect from our shadow selves, and our higher purpose on this planet Earth.

Neptune in Pisces is interesting to me because Neptune represents illusions, spirituality, intuition, and subconscious. Pisces is ruled by Neptune. The timing of these transits lining up is something I find a little humorous. Lately the timing of these alignments screams GLOBAL AWAKENING to me, but we’ll see. 😉 Suppressed shame, guilt, buried emotions or traumas may bubble up at this time. We are being nudged to focus on what illusions, bad habits, suppressed energy, old cycles that we need to shed in order to move forward in this new beginning.

The Piscean water energy will surge in a flow of emotion. Pisces is a master of illusion. We are collectively moving away from illusionary experience towards utilizing intuition. Many people are becoming aware of their emotional sensitivities and spiritual/psychic abilities/gifts at this time. Piscean energy represents the aspects in our lives and in ourselves that we ignore, choose not to accept, deny, and ultimately suppress. A light is being shined on our shadows. This energy is potent. We have the opportunity to make real changes in our lives. If you choose to delve in spiritual or creative studies, the imaginative trait of Pisces will benefit you during this time. Projects that require creative thinking, visualization, and expression are favored.

You may experience some physical symptoms such as sore throat, irregular sleep patterns, exhaustion, flu or cold-like symptoms, headaches, sinus/chest congestion, nausea, oral/dental pain, ear infections, and ringing or pressure in the ears. Do not be alarmed.

If you want to use this energy for magick or spiritual healing and growth, set aside time for meditation focusing on the Sacral Chakra. The Cacral Chakra houses sexuality, relationships, and creativity. (I have noticed personally that this is where I have stored negative energies from trauma and addiction. Are you looking to drop low vibrational habits? Now is the time!) After spending some time here, shift your focus to your Third Eye Chakra and Crown Chakra.