On April 12th, 2022, we will experience a once-in-a-lifetime Astrological event that indicates a new wave of spiritual awakenings in humanity.

Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces has not occurred since March 1856. 

Jupiter and Neptune align every 13-15 years or so, however, it’s been a while since this has taken place in the dreamy sign of Pisces. The next Jupiter – Neptune conjunction will take place in 2,188. This is a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence. This is a rare and optimal time for us to tune into our desires, visions, and goals, to set our intentions, and manifest them into our physical realities. The effects of this alignment will remain throughout the month of May as well.

It will be fascinating to observe how this astrological event manifests on a global scale. A power play between “light” and “dark” forces will be taking place at this time evidenced by Mars and Saturn. We will be watching closely to see what happens globally in terms of freedom and world peace. We will see which groups or organizations will either corporate with the new energies coming in or fight back against them. Those who are retaliating against the new incoming energy may use our money, banks, and technology as tools to regain power. 

If there is ever an astrological alignment that signifies spiritual awakenings, this is it.

During this time you will notice a heightened sense of intuition, psychic abilities, and experience rapid spiritual growth. More people will start to “come online”, much like the waves in 2012 and 2017. 

To learn more information on how this transit will affect you personally, look at which house Pisces is located in your natal birth chart.

Generally speaking, Jupiter will bring luck, abundance, and expansion into whichever house it transits. Peak into your natal chart to see which area of your life these energies will impact you the greatest.

Considering that Jupiter represents luck, hope, success, and expansion, and Neptune represents universal love, esoteric knowledge, insight, intuition and spirituality; when these two energies combine, it indicates amplification of the unconscious which shines a spotlight on the shadow bringing it to light.  Humanity’s sense of Oneness is being reawakened and restored. This implies a new direction for the world and the collective. On a personal level, each individual will discover a new form or sense of connectivity with the world. Our idea of what is normal will change. 

Take advantage of the energy by meditating on a new goal or intention that you would like to create in your own reality, and it is important to stay present and grounded as you do so. 

How Will This Affect You (Based on Sun Signs)

*Remember what we mentioned earlier, look into your natal birth chart and see which house/s Pisces resides in for you to get a better understanding of how this energy will impact your life.*