Mercury in Retrograde

What does “retrograde” mean? When a planet is in retrograde, it is an optical illusion in which a planet appears to be moving backwards from our view on Earth. Pretty cool! Here is an example of what it looks like when a planet is in retrograde. [Source: Mars Retrograde orbit or motion Summer 2003. Author: Eugene Alvin Villar 2008.]

Mercury goes into retrograde in Aquarius and Pisces starting February 17, 2020 through March 10, 2020. Again, in Cancer on June 18, 2020 through July 12, 2020. Third times a charm, in Scorpio and Libra on October 14, 2020 through November 3rd, 2020. This phenomenon occurs 3, sometimes 4 times a year.

This year all planets go retrograde, some (Mercury and Uranus) even occur several times throughout the year. Chiron and North Node will also go retrograde this year.

We will be primarily focusing on this current retrograde starting in February. Transitioning out of the Aquarius season, Pisces season starts February 19th and lasts until March 20th. With Aquarius, the water bearer and, Pisces, a water sign- we can expect themes of deep emotion and imagination.

Mercury, named after the Roman God of communication (let’s not forget, he’s also the protector of thieves, cons, swindlers) is, you guessed it, the planet of communication. It’s safe to say we can expect a lot of confusion during this time. It is advised not to sign any important contracts, make any major decisions, launching new businesses, or take on any new big projects. Why? Mercury reigns over our lower mind. Things such as formal contracts, documents, books/written text, negotiation, the news, mischief, speaking, listening, buying and selling, travel, vehicles, mail and shipping. This planet rules over information, thought, intellect, logic, and opinion. While this planet in in retrograde, decisions made regarding these aspects may be negatively affected. Try not to take it too personal if there are communication conflicts. As we speak, we may not say exactly what we mean. Our words may be easily misinterpreted. Double check yourself, messages, emails, and in conversation. Remain flexible and patient. Plan ahead extra time if you are travelling/commuting. Double check your headlights, tire pressure, oil/fluid levels before making trips. Plan ahead, plan ahead, plan ahead! Avoid making major decisions right now, perhaps use this time to calculate your steps to know what moves to make once Mercury goes direct. Be prepared for sensitive emotions and over-reactions.

Take this time as an opportunity to do some internal work. Are there emotional thinking patterns or toxic habits acting as a barrier in your life? This is an excellent time for some shadow work, some psychological cleansing. We have a chance to heal old wounds now. This time period is best used reflecting, analyzing, and organizing.

There is a fear driven stigma surrounding the topic “Mercury in Retrograde”. Instead of following the fear hype, take these time periods to pause, review, and reflect. Where are you sending/spending your energy? Are you spending your energy towards your highest good? Are you spread too thin? Are you putting enough energy into areas of your life that are most important to you? Remember, this is a reflection time- not an action time.

Here are some hands on survival tips for this retrograde!

  • Connect with nature. Take a hike, listen to the birds in the morning, walk barefoot in your yard, visit a park.
  • Essential oils: lavender, lemongrass, frankincense, ylang ylang, myrrh, elemi
  • Crystals: citrine, black tourmaline, onyx, hematite, amazonite, smoky quartz, turquoise, aventurine, blue lace agate, tree agate, fluorite, jade, apophyllite
  • Back up your computer or devices
  • Vehicle maintenance such as oil/fluid change, tire pressure, brakes, etc.
  • Practice frequent self care/self love
  • Double, triple, quadruple check anything you do in regards to communication
  • Meditate
  • Declutter, reoganize, clean
  • Double confirm plans or appointments
  • Don’t initiate new projects, finish or work on what you have already started

I hope you found this information useful. Thank you for your time. Take care of yourselves with love.