✨This Full Moon on March 6th/7th (“The Worm Moon”) reaches its peak at 4:42 AM on PST on March 7th, early in the morning. It will be at 16 degrees in Virgo opposing the Sun in Pisces. This energy suggests a need to balance our day-to-day routines, order, practicality and our goals, dreams, visions, and spiritual health. This energy provides practical foundation for our intentions and manifestations set later this month on the New Moon in Pisces on March 21st, marking the start of Spring here in the Northern Hemisphere.
✨Look back to the New Moon in Virgo that took place in August of 2022. What manifestations or goals were you setting at that time? Reflect on what was taking place in your life during that time. While New Moons are excellent for setting new intentions and manifesting, Full Moons are all about what has come to fruition.
✨ The Worm Moon signifies when the critters and crawlers re-emerge for the new coming season, as the winter frost thaws.
✨ Let go of anything that is holding you back or preventing you from self-improvement now with this beautiful and stable Full Moon in Virgo energy, backed up by the dreamy Picsean Sun energy.
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