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Full Moon in Virgo! 🌕♍️
March 18th, 2022
✨ This Full Moon on March 18th (“The Worm Moon”) at 12:17 AM PST will be at 27 degrees in Virgo opposing the Sun at 27 degrees in Pisces. This energy suggests a need to balance our day-to-day routines, order, practicality and our goals, dreams, visions, spiritual health. This energy provides practical foundation for our intentions and manifestations set earlier this month on the New Moon in Pisces.
✨ The Moon will be in close opposition with Neptune, the ruling planet of spirituality, psychic insight, imagination, dreams, and inspiration. You may find this energy influencing your imaginative and intuitive abilities and sensitivities. Virgo’s influence will provide a logical, practical foundation to this dreamy energy.
✨ Mercury, the planet of communication, will be nearing conjunct with Jupiter, the planet of prosperity, healing, and growth, during this time. It is important to talk about our visions with people that we want to collaborate with. You can expect more conversations about creative ideas, spiritual insight, financial goals, and healing.
✨ This Full Moon in Virgo will also form a close trine with Pluto, the planet of death, rebirth, and cycles, in Capricorn. This is the time for deep and profound, spiritual, emotional, and physical transformation. Work with this energy, instead of against it to transform the manifestations of your current reality to the next level.
Full Moon Magick~
✨Meditate, Journal, Release
-Meditate and journal on the abundance you have in your own life. Reflect on what you are thankful for. Think about ways that you can share your abundance with other, keeping the energy flowing in & out, remembering that there is more than enough abundance for everyone. Release what you no longer need or what does not serve you anymore.
✨Full Moon Bath
•Cleanse the air with incense
•Set your intentions
•Gather materials: Crystals, herbs, candles, bath salts, essential oils
•Create your sacred space
•Reflect and relax, visualize your intentions, meditate, journal
✨Worm Moon Bonfire
-Light a bonfire (check for local burn bans) under this Worm Full Moon. Write down what you would like to manifest with this Full Moon energy on a piece of paper. If you have a Pine cone, roll up the piece of paper and stick it into the pine cone. Meditate on the burning fire. When you are ready, toss the pine cone into the fire.
✨Charging with Moonlight
Your can charge:
•Divination Items
•Ritual tools
•Moon water
*Be mindful of the weather. you can place saran wrap over your items to protect them from the rain*

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