Animal Kingdom Messages Oracle by Manifest Enlightenment & Ryvre Marie WOnderment

You can find all info on our deck here. This page will be updated as new information comes in.

We are setting up a shop space link to sell our “Animal Kingdom Messages Oracle” deck directly through the printer’s website. It will expedite the shipping process for our customers moving forward.

The link to the deck for sale on their website will be listed on this page below, in the description of the sale post on our website, and anywhere else the deck is being mentioned. We are just waiting to be approved first.

There is a wait list for orders currently. If you’d like to join the wait list, please contact us using the form at the bottom of this page, message us on Facebook, or email us at We will notify you as soon as the deck is available for purchasing through the printer’s website.

The first batch of orders from the initial pre-sale is being printed now! 😁

Thank you so much for your support! We could not be here without you. 


    1. Q1: Can I order this deck through your website?

Q2: How long does shipping take if I order through your website?

Q3: Is there an easier way to place an order?

Q4: Can I download an electronic copy of your deck?

Q5: Is it okay to repost, share, or email someone my copy of the deck if I order an electronic copy?

Q6: Is there a way to save money if I order through Ryvre Marie Wonderment directly?

Q7: This deck seems expensive. Who is receiving the profits from these orders? 

Q8: Is there a guidebook?

Q9: How long did it take you to make and publish this deck?

Q10: What is the best way to order?

  1. A1: Yes, you can order the deck through our website. Find the listing under Merchandise > Divination Tools.

A2: When you order through our website, it will take up to a month to deliver because when you place your order,  we accept your payment, and place an order with our printing company. The shipping costs more this way because you have to pay to ship it twice. 

A3: Yes, the most efficient way to place an order is to follow our shop link on the printing company’s website, and place your order there. Your package will then ship directly from the printer to your front door, without us as the “middle man”.

A4: Yes, there is an e-copy of the “Animal Kingdom Messages Oracle” deck available for sale on our website. You can find it under Merchandise > Divinaton Tools. When you purchase an e-copy, you will gain access to the file immediately after your payment is confirmed.

A5: No, you cannot repost, share, or email a copy of the deck. That would be copyright infringement and piracy.  You must have prior written permission from Manifest Enlightenment and Ryvre Marie Wonderment in order to reproduce, share, repost, and email a copy of the deck. There is a FREE GIF of our deck circulating the internet, we have even shared it on our Facebook page. If you would like to save that GIF for divination or sharing purposes, feel free to message our page and we’ll send it to you. You can use that GIF as a deck. All you have to do is take a screenshot to pull a card. 

A6. Yes, there is a way to save money when purchasing through Ryvre directly. Batch ordering.  If 6 or more people sign up to be on a batch order wait list, it will reduce the cost of each deck individually. The same idea applies for 29+ orders or higher etc. If we sold 15,000 copies at once in a batch order, each deck would only cost the customer $3-4 per deck. The shipping would then be split between each person who places an order, which would save money for everyone involved. The only downside to this method is that it will take longer for you to receive your package because once we collect all orders on that batch order wait list, we place the  order with our printing company, they ship to our address, and then we ship to each of you individually. You end up paying for shipping twice with this method, even though all-together it is cheaper. You can ask to join the wait list for batch ordering by contacting us through our website, facebook, or email. You can also contact Ryvre Marie Wonderment.

A7. Currently, we “Manifest Enlightenment” as a company and “Ryvre Marie Wonderment” are NOT receiving profits from these sales at this time. You are only paying for the printing, shipping, and tax costs. We want to keep this deck as affordable as possible for our customers. We just want the deck in your hands. This is a rare deck, so far there are only 4 copies in the physical world. The price will come down if this deck gains popularity. Please remember that we are a very small business primarily operated by one person, Ryvre. (The person typing out this blog post.)

A8: At this time, there is not a guidebook. We did not create one because the cards themselves are pretty straight forward and self-explanatory. The idea was that anyone at any level of reading oracle cards could use this deck. This question has been asked enough times that we figured that we might as well start writing one. They will be available for purchase separately later on. 

A9: We first came up with the idea for this deck in 2019. We began designing the deck in 2020 during quarantine. The deck was officially published and printed on February 3rd, 2023.

Q10: The best ways to order right now is through us or Ryvre Marie Wonderment directly, until the shop on the printer’s website is approved. Once our shop and product are approved to list publicly, that will be the very best way to order a deck.

Order from the printer's site here (It will show once we are approved)

Take a screenshot to pull a card!

Order from our site here